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Setting off from Cornwall, we have rounded up a team of volunteers with a passion for protecting wildlife and are heading out on a two-week-long trip sailing around the Isles of Scilly, collecting and recording plastics from the beaches, coves and coastline whilst aiming to raise awareness about ocean plastics.

We have been given special permission from the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to access Annette, and other islands which usually have a year-round ban on human visitation, meaning we will be collecting and documenting plastic found where hardly anyone has ever been. We are expecting to clean up more than 8 tonnes of man-made marine rubbish from the Isles of Scilly, all of which will be sorted, weighed and recorded, before being brought back to the mainland where it can be properly recycled to ensure it doesn’t end up causing further harm to wildlife.

Our UK coasts and seas are amongst the most diverse and beautiful on the planet, playing host to a wealth of wildlife including dolphins, sharks, whales and turtles. Over half of the UK’s wildlife resides within our seas and many other species such as seabirds rely on them for their survival. By donating anything you can and supporting our work, you will be helping us to continue organising beach cleans, working with local people and businesses on finding solutions to the problem and keeping the issue of marine litter in the public eye. You can help us make a difference cleaning up this beautiful part of our country and help us to continue spreading the message of plastic pollution while gathering valuable information on the litter that is in our oceans and harming our wildlife.​


February 2020, 14th to 23th (half term) - postponed

February 2020, 22nd to March, 26th - postponed


February 2019, 18th to 22nd (half term) - fully booked

February 2019, 25th to 1st March - fully booked

Portraits of IoS Crew 2019

Read a blog about 2019 IoS Expedition

Stats for IoS Expedition 2019: 

No. of volunteers who came to meet us and got stuck in: 84 

No. of volunteer hours: 2,699 

No. of cleans and events we organised: 88

No. of different beaches cleaned: 78

Kilograms of waste removed from our coast: 15,637 

Individual pieces of plastic removed from the ocean: 45,594 

These results are incredible and something we can all be very proud of.

Please support our mission on our Just Giving page.

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