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CLEAN OCEAN SAILING as a community is an existing network whose collaborations create a feeling of belonging.


Sharing positive examples of good practice is driving momentum across the whole community, encouraging a desire for change and inspiring a community spirit to work towards the same goal – Protect our preciouses environment.

We want everyone to be part of a positive story through this exciting project bringing about positive change through their endeavours then sharing their experiences through art, science, SM (however they wish to express themselves) - using their powerful ‘voices’ to alert the wider community to the challenges facing our precious coastline and actions we can take. 

Your Voice is The Ocean Voice, is recording experience of Clean Ocean  Sailing volunteers and their understanding of the environmental crisis through artwork, printed books, an interactive map, online blogs and audio-visual media so their ‘voice’ will continue to be heard far into the future, inspiring children, youths, and adults to care about the place where we live. 

Artwork created:

Chloe Hurst

Award Winning Film 'Waves of Change' documents her experience on board a COS sailing mission. Her film inspires and engages young people to take climate action.





Yasmine Davey

Illustrator of “Oceana” - A book of poems and illustrations inspired by COS marine conservation mission.







Morag Smith

Poetry directly inspired by Diary entries of volunteers kept during 10 Beaches 10 Days Challenge – COS Sailing Clean up expedition in February 2020 battling plastic pollution and 3 storms in one week.


I, Water

Who are these people kneeling in the pebbles

sawing old rope with sharp knives

cutting out loops

and knots caught fast

in a tumble of rock

Each has a bag big enough to climb in


A zillion kilos

unbelievable lengths lost at sea



to micro-existence

flows into us and everything



Imogen Salmon

Creator of children’s book ‘Lets Explore the Sea Shore’ - Inspired by youngest member of COS crew Simon [3 years old] and his adventures on wooden sailing boat cleaning up beaches. 

You can download the book for free HERE.









Adam Hill

Created 'Zero Waste Marine Plastic' – Series of documentary photographs of COS activities 2019 – 2021

Photographs chosen as a part of Climate Visuals for COP 27 photographic exhibition.



Alex Turner

'Plastic Hunting Pirates of Cornish Coast' – Photo Essay based on 10 Days 10 Beaches challenge during which COS volunteers attempted to save stranded Fin whale by Nare Point.

Bonnie Steward
'Bish Art' - Raising Awareness of Plastic Pollution. Her artwork is created entirely from beach cleans.



Esme Landsdowne

'Paintings on buoys' recovered from marine environment.



Dan Paul Lewis

Collections of memories as microplastic patterns.



Tyrone Probert 

'EcoTribo' - Plant pots, Lolly sculpture and Ocean Chair sculpture made from marine plastic.



Matt Nott

'One Blue Eye'Engaging in ways to give plastic waste a “value”.



Amy and Adam James-Colins

'Castaway Ropeworks' – Handcrafted items made from Ghost Gear recovered from coastal communities in the South West.

Helen Frost

Interactive online map with hotspots of COS coastal clean ups and statistic data of collected marine waste.


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