COS Crew

Monika and Steve are the founders of Clean Ocean Sailing and mum and dad of youngest crew member baby Simon. "We live on an old wooden boat in Gweek and we are on a mission to restore the Annette and use her as our mothership for Clean Ocean Sailing’s next clean up expedition."

Simon Pepe Tor

Simon was born on World clean up day and he was probably the youngest ever person to partake in a beach clean at just 10 hours old! He is keen sailor and on his first crossing from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly he enjoyed the 5m wave wobble unlike the rest of the crew :)

Monika Hertlová

Monika is a social and cultural anthropologist, born in Czech Republic. With experience of social research and creating documentary movies. She plays a role in COS as coordinator of social media, website editor and photographer. “I’m learning how to be good sailor, but for now I’m full time mum and I’m enjoying the most of my life looking after my awesome son Simon.”

Steve Green

Steve is a Jack-of-all-trades, and master of some - navigator, engineer, sailor, yacht master, surfer, environmental activist... He is the powerhouse of Clean Ocean Sailing with his dedication to clean up all the Oceans, even though it’s a task for more than one human lifetime!!


I. Crew Isles of Scilly February 2019

Louisa Dawes

Louisa is a Londoner and keen sailor, and is excited to have the opportunity to volunteer with Clean Ocean Sailing and make a difference to the marine environment. Louisa enjoys making music, getting outdoors (or in water), reeling and writing.

Emma Eberhardt

I grew up in Lyon, France and moved over to the UK to study Environmental Science in Falmouth. I love being outdoors and being physically active. You’ll find me by the beach, in the woods or at the allotments! As an environmentalist, I am really excited to be taking part in this expedition to clean plastics and help wildlife on some of the less accessible islands of the Scillies. My passion lies in finding sustainable solutions to food security to mitigate climate change and preserve our biodiversity. I’m also really interested in storytelling environmental issues through various media platforms including photography and video. 

Erik d'Ailly

I'm Erik d'Ailly (63, Dutch), a retired Graphics Editor at a nation wide newspaper from Amsterdam. I'm fascinated by boat building and sailing and saw Steve appearing in a boat building channel on Youtube, presenting Clean Ocean Sailing. Steve's approach appealed to me and I got in touch, which resulted in me becoming a crew member in the first week. I'm not a real activist, but I realize getting people involved and raising awareness are important steps if we want to change the way we manage our waste and leave a better place for future generations. This goes for plastic as well as climate. Besides, I like the hands-on experience of doing something practical and meaningful whilst being at sea and also returning to the Isles of Scilly after visiting them about thirty years ago. It's a beautiful place, well worth the effort of cleaning up and a great location to set an example for others. Let's hope for fair weather so we can do a huge clean up.

William Leigh

I’m an environmental science student studying in Falmouth. I first caught wind of this project when I saw Steve fundraising at my university campus. Taking interest in what I saw I decided to ask him about what he was up to… Two weeks later I was on the Blue Linnet sailing to the Isles of Scilly. It’s pretty simple as to what drew me into joining: I like being outdoors, I like sailing, I like doing my part for the environment and finally it seemed a perfect opportunity to run (sail) away from my responsibilities for a week.


Emma Smith

Hi, I’m Emma. I graduated last year in Zoology from the University of Exeter Penryn Campus and am joining Clean Ocean Sailing on their clean-up mission to the Isles of Scilly this February.

From a very young age, I have always loved venturing out into the wilderness. Once I got to university, I became enchanted by the underwater world and the creatures flourishing within it. This led me to volunteer as a research assistant for the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in North Cyprus conserving Green and Loggerhead Turtles. It was here where I first witnessed the scale of the plastic problem. Whilst monitoring nesting turtles, it was heart-breaking to see copious amounts of plastic surrounding their nests, later threatening the emerging hatchlings. After such a poignant experience, it spurred me on to tackle marine plastics locally and protect our stunning wildlife, so when this opportunity arose, I knew I wanted to join the team!

I am an avid traveller and love to explore, and with that comes my interest in art and photography and I hope to capture some stunning scenes whilst we complete our voyage. Additionally, I am a tennis player and during university, I took up gig rowing which I thoroughly enjoyed! My next steps are to hopefully pursue a Masters in Oceanography to continue my fervour for the marine environment. If there was one wildlife spectacle that I could see, I would love to witness either bioluminescent plankton in the Maldives or leaping Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez, they would both be mesmerising!

II. Crew Isles of Scilly February 2019

Helen Chadwick

I’m a student at the University of Exeter in my first year studying Conservation Biology & Ecology. I met Steve and Monika when I helped them on a clean up the Helford River when I first moved to Cornwall and have been involved with them ever since through fundraising, social media and plastic clean ups.

I’ve been really passionate about the impact of plastic on our environment since taking part in the Marine Conservation Society plastic challenge to give up plastics for a whole month several years ago and have since learned so much more about the issue. The effects of plastic on marine life are especially worrying and the haunting statistics of the amount of animals affected from entanglement and ingestion every year are numbers I cannot ignore.  The major positive in all of this is that we can actually do something about it right now, bit by bit, by cleaning up as much of it as we can from our beaches and oceans to mitigate the impact on wildlife. We are so lucky in the UK to have an amazing wealth of wildlife and scenery; I love our environment and want to do everything in my power to protect it. I’ve always loved the outdoors and nature from a young age and enjoy regular outdoor swims and yoga practice. Its so important to our health and wellbeing, let alone being home to so many incredible plants and animals we should all share a responsibility in preserving it for ourselves and future generations. We can’t do everything, but everyone can do something!

Klaus Hedstrom

Im 46 years old. After living in Finland my whole life and working in the film industry as a location scout and special effects coordinator for over 25 years, I decided to buy an old steel sailboat in 2017 and sail away on an adventure. I eventually landed in England and found a beautiful English rose to honor the thousand year old tradition of the Northmen.

At the moment I live on my sailboat in Liverpool with my dog Freya, and about half the time in Manchester with my partner Joanna.

I have always been drawn to the sea, it’s been my home for so long now. I wanted to take part in this project as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine many of my passions; being out on the ocean, conservationism and philanthropy.

I have never kayaked. But I have courage and I'm a good swimmer.

Marriott family

I. Crew 10 Beaches 10 Days Challenge 2020

Aude Massiot

I'm a young French journalist specialised in environmental issues. I've been working for three years in Paris for the French daily newspaper Libération. After meeting for the first time the amazing Clean Ocean Sailing crew on the summer of 2019, I decided to follow them again for their special winter trip. 

Alex Turner

Alex is a photographer and journalist working on stories that focus on people making a positive impact on their environment.

Abbie Smith-Page

Whilst completing my Marine Biology degree here in Cornwall, I've loved getting involved with beach cleans and doing my bit to conserve the beautiful coastline that drew me here. After finding out about Clean Ocean Sailing, I was eager to take my cleans to the next level and join them on their excursions to more remote beaches and coves. The amount of waste we've collected just around the corner from lovely clean public beaches is shocking so I'm super keen to get on board Annette and lend a hand with the #10Beaches10Days challenge!​

Simon Myers

is a strategy and organisational change consultant. 

He has spent 20 years advising businesses and charities on strategic change and communications to better meet the needs of the future. 

He is currently Managing Director of which is a creative change consultancy based in London. He is currently advising Allianz Real Estate, Clientearth, Museum of London and Franco Manca amongst others. Prior to that Simon worked for the BBC World Service the Swire Group (in China) and Interbrand before setting up his own consultancy. 

Simon’s passion and concern for the environment was heavily influenced by 6 years in China where he witnessed large scale soil erosion, heavy pollution and rapid construction and huge shifts in consumption. Several of his projects now revolve around helping organisations that are devising future systems for a post carbon circular economy.

Although based in London, Simon grew up around the Fal and Helford rivers. He learnt to sail here and his parents and relatives live in the area. He is married with two boys, speaks French and Mandarin Chinese and is a published author.