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We joined an initiative by Surfers Against Sewage and became allies for Plastic Free Helford River where we are keeping and restoring The Annette. 


Together with locals, volunteers, councils, education organizations, businesses we will make that magical river and her shores PLASTIC FREE!


The ocean sustains us, our well-being and the planet. Every day millions more pieces of single-use plastic are being poured into the ocean injuring and even killing wildlife, threatening ecosystems, livelihoods and our happiness.

We are the resistance to the plastic pollution problem and to solve it, we need your help.


Inspired by the Fairtrade movement, together we’ll empower local councils, community organizations, educational institutions, restaurants, cafes and similar local amenities to stop providing the option of throwaway plastic items in their venues and provide alternative solutions instead.


We’ll raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution crisis and how we can all play our part in reducing society’s plastic footprint. Single-use plastic items such as plastic cutlery, coffee cups, and plastic water bottles are just the start and we invite you to see just how far we can go together in our shared vision of Plastic Free Coastlines!



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