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Annette was built in 1908 in Denmark for the fishing industry, using oak frames and decking.  She is a 66-foot gaff-rigged schooner, weighs 55 tonnes and a few years ago we decided that it was time to give her some love. Most of the major work is done but there is still a long way to go to fully restore her to her former glory. She is working hard for Clean Ocean Sailing and we must keep her seaworthy.



We are looking for volunteers who are interested in traditional wooden boat restoration, or just simply like to work with wood. People who are happy to give a bit of time and love to a hundred-year-old wooden lady. On top of your unique experience with traditional boat restoration, in return for your efforts, you will have hours of sailing on The Annette and plenty of fun with collective of impassioned people who are passionate about what they are doing.




January 2018 – working on the portside hull, caulking, re-painting and varnishing


February 2018 – working on starboard hull, caulking, re-painting and varnishing, repair stern post


March 2018 - new huge crossbeam to be replaced through deck and wheelhouse, work in engine room


April 2018 – new deck on portside, work on stem post and stations, painting all hull


May 2018 – work inside the boat

All these work took us one more year before we went actualy sailing :)


December 2019 - Gone sailing!

We had lots of fun and work done to clean up inaccessible coastline in 2020, but unfortunately Annie sprang a big leak and we had to took her out of water and carry on with essential repairs.

December 2020 - Annie in a cradle out of water

February 2021 - work on hull, new planks

Mach 2021 - work in engine room, new water tanks

April 2021 - painting

May 2021 - Annie back in water, Gone sailing


sometime in Future – new wooden masts, rigging and sails

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