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Together with researchers, scientists, activists, artists… people like you, we wish to find ways how to reduce pollution in world oceans. During our sailing adventures, we have encountered vast amounts of human waste, which is not disappearing.


For generations, people have tried to ignore it, but the sea is giving us back what is ours. We are over-consuming plastic and it doesn’t look like it is going to change soon. Beaches, oceans are full of plastic rubbish; we are actively looking for it and collecting it. But what to do with all these different types of waste? A landfill, or burn it? No. We want more. Give a new life to the rubbish what we are finding.


During our recycling initiatives - workshops, talks and meetings - we are discussing and experimenting with ways to transform plastic waste and give it new, inventive use. Having fun and being creative is the main objective. And, along the way, raise the visibility of the intensely problematical reality of our overuse of plastic and the crisis of irresponsible waste in our societies. 


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