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The Ocean Well Being project brings together marine conservation and positive social outreach, offering individuals from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in our ocean clean-up missions.


During three-day sea voyages on our traditional wooden sailing vessel, participants experience sailing, kayaking, wild swimming alongside activities with a positive environmental impact - beach cleaning, processing marine plastics for recycling and repurposing.

This is accompanied by three self-development workshops, each consisting of a presentation, group conversation, practical tasks plus Q&As led by qualified mental-health nurse and stress management consultant Katy Griffin founder of Thera-Sea.


Through participation in challenging outdoor activities, working as a team, we aim to build self-confidence and a sense of achievement. The beach cleans allow for a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of human impact on our marine environment and the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem. The workshops provide practical tools and a greater understanding of the benefits of physical activity, time spent in nature, interpersonal relationships and having a sense of purpose along with coping skills to take away, making a lasting difference in participants lives.

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